Friday, April 11, 2014

Roam by Kay Wyne

18" x 24" Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
Contemporary Buffalo Painting
This painting was completed yesterday, and is drying at the studio.  I had painted one buffalo several years ago, and really enjoyed it, even though it was just a head shot.  I photographed my progress as I below you can see my work.  Contact Kay for purchasing information.  It is ready to hang once it dries....frame is optional since it is on a gallery wrap canvas.  

Sketching the buffalo out on the canvas.  I prefer to use a filbert brush and paint for drawing...not alot of detail, just basic shapes and darks and lights.  My reference photo was from a Wyoming trip.  This buffalo has a great stance and I want her to fill up the canvas.

 Covering the canvas with paint.  This part is lots of fun, using a wide brush I block in colors.  Working fast, I love slapping the paint on.  This part is so easy and fun.

More color, trying to figure out the background and getting my darks in on the buffalo.  I am changing the background up, wanting it to fade away when you look at it.

Using a smaller brush, pushing the background back...greying up the clouds and the landscape.  Sometimes I use too much color, so to make the buffalo have a presence on the canvas, I am making hills and landscape more abstract and fuzzy.  More details on the horns, snout and coat.

I was waiting to put in the tall grass.  I had to make sure that I was almost finished with her coat before I could put the foreground in.  I reshaped her nostrils and worked on the eyes.  I got a new brush as a gift today from fellow artist Pete Quaid, and I was loving it!  More work on the coat, letting the paint fly, with loose strokes.  The grass has lots of blues, purples and red in it....not just ochre and greens.  So that is the different stages that this painting went through.  Thanks for looking.....Kay

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