Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Covered In Feathers by Kay Wyne

Covered In Feathers
30" x 30"Contemporary Rooster and Chickens
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

Bold brush strokes, bold colors and loose paint complete this contemporary painting.  I enjoyed painting this one...I was exploring the "look" of a french country rooster with my own painterly spin on it.  It all came together after I sectioned off the background colors.  I had a plan, but did not know exactly how it would turn out.  I did not want my colors to get muddy, so I did not over-paint.  I put the brakes on and made every stroke count, trying not to go back into the paint once I laid a color in.  I used three paint brushes, a wide flat, a small flat and a liner.  I hope to get into the studio today and paint for ME!!!  I have a huge commission coming up, and once I get started on that, I won't be painting any roosters.  Thanks for viewing this blog and my art!  KMW at 214-532-0325 or kay@kwyne.com

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